NYSW2019 Exemplary Projects

National Youth Service Week 2019 Exemplary Projects

Volunteer for Lebanon, the coordinator of National Youth Service Week congratulates all the Project Leaders and Youth Participants in National Youth Service Week all for their efforts in planning and implementing projects this year.  Their groups have made an amazing variety of contributions to society, addressing 11 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. With their help Lebanon has ranked 2nd outside of the US in the number of projects registered for Global Youth Service Days with 49 projects implemented throughout the country. See the GYSD map of Lebanon here.

We hope to increase the number and improve the quality and sustainability of the projects done in 2020. For now, we want to honor the 16 projects that came closest to achieving the objectives and fulfilling the requirements presented in the Participation Guide for National Youth Service Week (scroll to the bottom of this page for the links).

We present all 16 projects below with their posters and their answers to certain questions on the PostProject Forms. Participating youth groups will select the Peer Choice Award and members of the National Youth Service Week project team (VFL members, and NYSW interns and monitors) will select the Judges Award based on the information below, using the link that was provided to them.

Selection should be made on the basis of the criteria for Exemplary Status and the Requirements for the Poster.

Criteria to be considered for Exemplary Project Status:

  • Requirements of participation are fulfilled in an exemplary way.
  • The project makes a significant contribution to society.
  • Project continues over time or has a long term impact.
  • Project is environmentally friendly in its planning and implementation.
  • Youths actively participate in project planning (Involved in most of the 14 Actions)
  • Project crosses social barriers (age, ability/disability, region, religion/sect, ethnicity, nationality, organizational network)
  • Project includes some opportunity for dialog with those of different religion/sect, ethnicity, and/or nationality

The Project Poster Requirements

  • The required poster dimensions are 50 cm high x 70 cm wide - A1 (digital or hard-copy), and must include:
  • Name of project – we encourage project names that identify what the project is in a creative way.
  • Name of the youth group or school class doing the project
  • 3 A list of the youth and their leaders who actually participated in
  •     planning and/or implementation of the project. Put * for those who are NOT “youth” participants (not 5-25 years old.)
  • The organization, group or location that is the beneficiary of the service
  • A brief description of the project.
  • Indicate which of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals the project addresses.
  • Pictures: The poster must include a picture of the group holding the officalNYSW poster or at least an A-4 size color copy of the logo of National Youth Service Week (available on the NYSW website) and 3-5 other pictures as noted in Point 11 above.  
  • Logo of National Youth Service Week available on the website.
  • A map of Lebanon showing where the group is from AND where the project took place (if it is different).
  • A list of those who should be thanked – specialists, donors, others that made the project possible.

Projects are presented below in the order of their project ID number provided to them automatically when they submitted their Post-Project Forms. No translation is provided here for either the posters or the answers on the Post Project Forms:


Project #391 - Access-Maarakeh: Planting For The Future

MaarakehProject Description: The project was about planting trees around the school after cleaning the perimeter of the school . First , the students sold homemade sweets at school to collect money to buy saplings . Then they planted the saplings around the school .

Place of Project: Al Shaheed Khalil Jradi Public High School

Maarakeh, Qadaa: Sur

Youth Participants: 30 youth ages 13-18

14 Actions: They planed and worked as a team and came up with this idea that was plausible since it received a lot of approval from local communities .

Measurable Results: The students planted around 30 saplings .


Project #393 - Access-Rashaya: Go Green with Access 13 Rashaya

Project Description: See 14 Actions Below

Place of Project: Rashaya High School, Rashaya, Bekaa

Youth participants: 25 (age range 13-18)

14 Actions:
Joining the Bringing Back The Briq Campaign: Students brought clay and glass briqs from their homes and asked the willing teachers to drink using these briqs while being photographed: Teachers who didn’t want to be photographed, their will and privacy were taken into account. This activity started on April 8 and ended on April 12, for a duration of an hour every day.
The Packaging Audit- Impacts of Plastic Usage on The Environment and Our Health was implemented over different stages: Stage 1: Fabric Bags Fund Raising Campaign, which started on March 26, 2019. Students visited local establishments and businesses, explained their project: what it is about, how they are willing to help by raising awareness, and what help they are expecting,.. The people were happy with the students' approach and the awareness they have and most likely they were happy that young people are willing to do something about the plastic issue in our community, and they were also glad to encourage and offer their help.

Measurable Results: The project aimed at promoting change in our community household practices, to reduce and therefore refuse to use plastic bags and plastic packages and to substitute them for reusable fabric bags for shopping and other ways for recycling and reusing the utensils and daily products in our lives instead of keeping on buying new products that we soon throw away or discard. this also affects the economic state of people, when they watch their budget and where to spend their money as well.


2nd Place


Project #394: نقطة من دمّك حياة لغيرك -  ثانوية السفير



Project Description: نظم متطوعوا نادي الصحة طلاب الثاني ثانوي علمي انكليزي حملة تبرع دم للاساتذة بالتنسيق و التعاون مع جمعية عطاء من دون مقابل و قدمت وحدات الدم لبنك الدم في مستشفى حمود الجامعي بصيدا ليستفيد مرضى المستشفى . سبقت حملة تبرع الدم احتفال نظمه الطلاب القي فيه كلمات مهمة عن اهمية تبرع الدم. اثناء الحملة كان هناك ورش عمل تدريبية للطلاب

Place of Project: قاعة المسرح في ثانوية السفير - الغازية - Saida/صيدا

Youth participants: 17 (age range 13-18)

14 Actions: في البداية اختاروا تاريخ يصادف مناسبة عالمية اليوم العالمي للصحة لما لنشاطهم التطوعي من اهميةصحية . ثانيا اجتمعوا في ما بينهم و اختاروا اسم و شعار لحملتهم التكوعية، جهزوا بادج ارتدوها و وزعوها على الحضور و المتبرعين، جهزوا في منازلهم حلويات لتوزيعها على المتبرعين بعد عملية التبرع، تم التنسيق مع الجمعية و بنك الدم و ادارة المدرسة لتنسيق تفاصيل الاحتفالالرسمي الذي سبق الحملة. بعدها
 وزعوا المنشورات الصحية على الصفوف و تعاونوا مع العمال في المدرسة لاعادة ترتيب القاعة .

Measurable Results: استفاد من الخدمة 12مريض من مستشفى حمود الجامعي. استفاد 42طالب ثانوي من ورش عمل تدريبية ارشادية صحية عن كيفية قياس نسبة الدم، ضغط الدم و التبرع بالدم. استفاد ما يقارب 300 تلميذ و استاذ من المنشورات التوعوية الصحية التي تم توزيعها عن مواصفات المتبرع و اهمية عملية تبرع الدم.


Project #395 - Access-Mina-Tripoli: Hand in Hand To Cultivate Change

Mina-Tripoli PosterProject Description: The students painted the walls of 11 houses in Harett Al Jadidi in Mina, Tripoli on Monday, April 22.  Two weeks ago, they had painted old rubber tires. On Monday, they put every 2 tires above each other in front of each house. They placed a bag of soil in the tires, and then they planted flowers n the soil. About 10 days before the implementation, the students arranged for a bake sale at their school to raise money.

Place of Project: Harrett Al Jadidi, Mina, Tripoli

Youth Participants: 25 (age range 13-18)

14 Actions: They were involved in the process of choosing what to do to serve their community. They all took part in the preparations.

Measurable Results: 50 people - 45 flowers were planted





Project #396 - Access-Fnaydek-Akkar-North Lebanon: With small hands...To big ends...

Fnaydek PosterProject Description: On April 7th, Fnaydek Access students started their community service project “With small hands to big ends” with an environmental and educational awareness campaign for 30 children from their town. First, they presented an educational presentation for their friends and the kids to teach them how to save their environment from the pollution .Secondly, they went together to clean up the streets around their school. Third, they did some games and activities to teach the children how to sort, reduce, recycle and reuse the garbage for something good and beneficial. After that, they drew some creative and effective pictures on the walls of the playground with the help of some colleagues and painted about 20 tires to make seats to sit on during their recess and to save the environment from the bad effect of these tires.
Finally, Access students felt excited and proud of themselves especially after they have seen the great and positive impact of their project on the children who were the main helpers in the project and their colleagues and teachers who thanked them for this great work.
They really showed that the participants’ small hands can make big ends.

Place of Project: Fnaydek Secondary School, Fnaydek, Akkar

Youth Participants: 30 (12 and under); 30 (13-18); 5 (19-30)

14 Actions: All of the Access students participated in deciding and planning the project from A to Z .They followed the Actions in details, they answered the questions listed in each action to create a well and sustainable project.

Measurable Results: There were different measurable results from our project:
-About 60 persons had an important training about saving the environment from pollution.
-Access students distributed chocolate, cake and juice for the kids who came to participate in the project.
-They painted 20 tires to have seats in their school and drew 5 big paintings on the walls of their playground.



Project #397 - Lycée Abdallah El Khoury - Hammana: HELP Them


Hammana Help PosterProject Description: We, 5 girls, were trying to find ways to improve the situations in our society. So we ended up by creating an application for old people, who have no one besides them, to take care of them.This application strengthens relations between teenagers, adults and old people, because it lets them communicate, in a way to help each others, through volunteers and organizations.

Place of Project: Lycée Abdallah El Khoury, Hammana, Qadaa Baabda

Youth Participants: 5 (13-18)

14 Actions: The participants in this group project worked together to plan the project. They first set up the goal of their project, then its name, then started working on it seriously, in plus they took photos, notes and worked on lots of things to make this project work helpfully and successfully.

Measurable Results: Beneficiaries: All the old people who got help from volunteers using our application, and the families of old people who aren't able to take care of their old ones.



Project #398 - Access-Ain Baal: Plants on Carbon Dioxide Gone

Ain Baal PosterProject Description: Students did a community service in which they bought flowers and little trees from a local in their village and planted them in the village public garden so that people can enjoy their time among the stuff they planted. Every community service they do, they always put all their differences aside to work hand in hand. They now appreciate nature better after they sweated over the hard work they did. They dug the little hole under the sun, but the smile never left their faces.

Place of Project: Ain Baal Public Garden, Ain Baal, Qadaa Sur

Youth Participants: 19 (13-18); 1 (19-30)

14 Actions: Actions 1,2,3,4,5,7,9,10,11,12,13,14 were executed by 19 students who participated in a community service after asking the locals what they want the most to be taken care of in the village. That led them to choose a project that included planting flowers and trees in their local garden which will benefit the whole village, and they even spread the word around the village which led the seller to donate three little trees. Regarding funding, they asked for a donation to buy the materials and items. The proposal of the project was sent by filling a pre-project form which was accepted and they started to implement the project. They also took pictures that showed their exceptional teamwork.

Measurable Results: 19 students participated, 6 little trees were planted and 125 flowers were planted.








Project #399 - مدرسة الحاج بهاء الدين الحريري - معاً نعمل معاً نحصد

Hariri PosterProject Description: الخدمة التي قام بها التلاميذ التوعية على أهمية الحافظة على البيئة وتخفيف من استهلاك الموارد الطبيعية إضافة إلى فرز النفايات من المصدر وغرس النباتات بدأت الخدمة بالمدرسة من
خلال إنشاء نادٍ بيئي ومن ثم توزيع مستوعبات في الصفوف لفرز النفايات بين عضوي وغير عضوي وهذا الأمر يساعد شركة النفايات على أخذها مفروزة لمعمل النفايات كما تم دعوة أهل التلاميذ للمدرسة للمشاركة بتطبيق هذا المشروع في البيت و نشره إلى المجتمع المحلي كما قام التلاميذ بأنشطة  تعزز إعادة التدوير وتخفف من  استهلاك الموارد الطبيعية إضافة إلى مشاركة البلدية بهذا المشروع التي كانت داعمة له على صعيد المدينة وقام التلاميذ بغرس النباتات على مدخل المدينة  الشمالي لتعزيز مبدأ إزرع ولا تقطع

Place of Project: المدرسة والمدينة - مدينة صيدا

Youth Participants: 11 (12 and under); 13 (13-18)

14 Actions: التلاميذ مندفعون للعمل و المتابعة الجدية لما قاموا به من أنشطة داخل المدرسة وفي الخارج والمقابلة مع رئيس البلدية و حثهم على أهمية مشروعهم البيئي على صعيد المجتمع ككل كان  حافزاً لهم لمتابعة كل التفاصيل لشعورهم بالمسؤولية
والمتابعة ليس فقط في هذا العام إنما االإستدامة  لمشروعهم في السنوات الاحقة لأهميته على صعيد المدينة ككل و لنشر الثقافة البيئية في الوطن ككل

Measurable Results: المستفيدون التلاميذ/المدينة / البلدية/  /المدرسة ككل لان المشروع نشر في كل حلقات التعليمية في المدرسة من صفوف الروضات  إلى التاسع الأساسي  الذين قاموا بالخدمة بشكلٍ فعلي حوالي 70 تلميذاً وغرس حوالي مئة شجرة


1st place


Project #400 - Lycée officiel d'Abdallah El Khoury Hammana: Donate Food


Hammana Donate PosterProject Description: There are a lot of poor people suffering from poverty and lack of food, also many of associations, at the same time there is food wasted in restaurants and a lot of events.
This application links between restaurants, events organizers and people in need to fill their hunger and it helps to save the world from wasted food.
This application contains a screen where the donor can fill in details about his address and phone number and type of food with the expiration period and contains another screen where people suffering from poverty and lack of food or even the mediator between the donor and the needy can put their order. Through this application we can also create employment opportunities for unemployed youth who can assist in delivering food and packing documents to those who want to have this service always available. This application is also based on the advancement of the society through the establishment of pensions for volunteers in the service of their community. This application depends on ads and advertisments (by social media..) which can help us to reach a high percentage of people thus increase the proportion of donations.
Millions of life are starving for food around you!
Let's have a joint hand to serve the society with DONATE FOOD app...
Together we can end hunger.

Place of Project: Hammana, Qadaa Baabda

Youth Participants: 7 (13-18)

14 Actions: Reduce and Report
This project contributes in reducing the high percentage of waste production (Reduce) through the participation of others in reducing this production (Report).

Measurable Results: We helped 1 family in Falougha and 2 others in Hammana by delivering food to them.
4 girls and 1 guy have helped us to deliver all the food.
6 food tupperwares were delivered, for each family 2 of them.
3 restaurants donated food instead of throwing them.


Project #407 - Access-Jezzine:  Green Teens: Going Green!

Fnaydek PosterProject Description: Jezzine Access class noticed that the Lot where the planting took place belongs to the Ministry of Education  and is not going to be used for construction and will remain a green area since it  located between Jezzine Secondary School, Jezzine Intermediate School, Jezzine General Hospital, and it  borders a river.  The students used the seed money and gathered donations to buy oak and pine trees; then they prepared the land and planted the trees themselves

Place of Project: Jezzine, Q

Youth Participants: 36 (13-18); 3 (19-30)

14 Actions: They decided on the project; they gathered info and needs required in addition to the stakeholders. They agreed on a name  and created the project statement. They assigned the major tasks and prepared for implementation.

Measurable Results: About 4 people participated and about 30 aok and pine trees were planted.  The small green area created will benefit the two schools, the hospital and the whole community in Jezzine.











Project #413 - Access-Ras Baalbeck: Wall Mosaic Portrait

Ras Baalbek PosterProject Description: My class have chosen to make a mosaic portrait on the entrance wall of the school. So I trained them well on this tough-but beautiful- handicraft and I continued working with them . They drew the picture on the wall and then we used the cement to stick the mosaic, the crystal pieces and the cyramic pieces on the wall. The result was a mosaic flower- portrait surrounding the word Amideast and surrounded by the word Access from both sides.

Place of Project: Ras Baalbeck Official Secondary School, Ras Baabeck, Baalbeck

Youth Participants: 23 (13-18); 2 (19-30)

14 Actions: The students chose the picture then they chose the entrance wall to implement on it. After that they used they mathematical measurements to draw the portrait. they learnt how to mix the cement and continued the work after getting divided into groups.What really matters is that they did something for the coming students to REMEMBER them.

Measurable Results: In fact my Access 13 students were the ones who worked on this project and they have learnt a new handicraft that they haven't known before. Now they can use it to work and get money even in their neighborhood.





2nd Place


Project #415 - Maroun Aboud Official Secondary School, Aley:  Female without fear



Aley PosterProject Description: From our belief that women shouldn't accept any violations whatsoever we started this project and we chose a topic that our community label as "taboo". Rape, the worst crime that is done to girls in our community yet it is kept a secret for saving the girl all the struggles, rumors and judgments people throw her way. So we as a young youth group decided that we'd like to reach out for girls our age and tell them it's never their fault if they got harassed but the more important idea there is to say that they are capable of stopping harassment if they knew the suitable way. So in addition to the emotional support that was given in the event by a testimony from "Farah Atallah" who was a subject to harassment before, a play done by "Huda Shahine" about rape and some humble speeches our members prepared, we wanted the girls to be convinced they can defend themselves so, we got a 1 hour defense class taught by "Raed AL Hmeidy" the couch for "fight spirit" academy. Last but not least, we ended this day with a lunch break in addition to distributing participation certificates for the girls.

Place of Project: Maroun Aboud Secondary School, Aley

Youth Participants: 328 (13-18)

14 Actions: we were concentrating solely on our project making sure we implemented and reached the goal of action 10 so we didn't involve any other action

Measurable Results: The 27 girls trained left our event with a total different mindset of that they entered with. As one of them said" Having the knowledge of defending yourself already increases your self-confidence and when we watched the play and heard Farah it took us to a new level of strength and make us truly believe that we are equals with guys."


Project #417 -  Access-Al Rafeed/Kawkaba:  Planting trees for Mother Nature

Rafeed PosterProject Description: They planted pine trees around Al Rafeed and Kawkaba Secondaries.

Place of Project: Al Rafeed Secondary and Kawkaba Secondary, Al Rafeed, Qadaa Rashaya

Youth Participants: 24 (13-18)

14 Actions: The students planned the project together .They funded the project by using the seed money to make more moey in order to purchase the pine trees.

Measurable Results: 20 pine trees were planted by 24 students






Project #420 -  Access-Adloun: Vertical Garden

Adloun PosterProject Description: Access students besides friends re-used plastic bottles as plantation pots in order to plant useful plants (cucumber, tomato, lettuce, strawberry…) and flowers.
The bottles were cut, spray painted and aligned vertically against the inside of the school walls.
Each participating class will maintain their Vertical Garden until the end of the school year.

Place of Project: Adloun Public High School, Adloun, Qadaa Saida

Youth Participants: 50 (12 and under)

14 Actions: 1- After introducing the guidelines for selecting a project, Access students suggested 2 sustainable projects that can be done in the vicinity of the school and voted for their favorite one.
2- The students thought it would be great to involve their peers from all classrooms to gain their support. So they toured all 14 sections at their high school informing them about the project and taking contact info for all those who wish to volunteer.
3- Students started researching designs, equipment that we'll need, the type of plants we want to plant and other details.
4- I did this part, but the students used it in step 3 while presenting the project ideas to their peers.
5- NA
6- Access students were divided into 6 groups with clear tasks in which they took leading roles. The rest of the students were distributed over the 6 groups on the event day.
7-All students were to get plastic bottles with them from home. I got the other supplies as they were not close to the school region.
8- After 50 students were selected to participate out of the 88 volunteers, some started to apologize, so I used the back up list to include other students who weren't selected earlier. The already chosen students played an important role in that as they were recommending the really enthusiastic students about the project.
9- Students watched a video of how the whole process should take place from A to Z. I shared the video with them so they could always refer to it while working.
11-Students took lots of pictures and shared them on their SN accounts, also the school shared an overview of the events on their official fb page.
12- Each group was responsible to clean up their stations and hand me back their supplies.
13-On the following Access session, students shared their opinions about the project, I was also able to get some feedback from the other participating students who were in the same Whatsapp group.
14- A poster was created with the names of all the students who participated and the adults who contributed to the success of this project.

Measurable Results: We had 88 volunteers willing to participate from the school. However, we had to select 33 out of the 88 in addition to the 17 Access students because the maximum capacity of the project was 50.
60 plastic bottles were collected
34 of these bottles were turned into plantation pots and the others were saved for future up-cycling projects.
48 useful plants and flower seedlings were planted (Basil, tomato, cucumber, eggplant, chili, lettuce, herbs...)
50*4= 200 service hours!

Project #421 -  تكريم كبار المعمرين التجار في سوق الإثنين التراثي:  هيئة الخدمات الإجتماعية_ نادي اليونسكو

Nabatiej PosterProject Description:

“قدمنا تحفيز ودعم  لهذا السوق الذي يعرف بسوق الإثنين “سوق النبطية التراثي
والذي عمره يتعدي ٣٠٠عام وهو تنمية مستدامة ورمز ثقافي وتراثي للمنطقة واهلها ونحن سعينا للتحفيز وتعزيز.  تواصل السلطة المحلية مع المدنيين لتحسن الوضع الإقتصادي لهذا السوق وتأمين مستوى معشي لائق واللحفاظ عليه وعلى   إستمراريته

Place of Project: السوق التجاري لمدينة النبطية - مدينة النبطية

Youth Participants: 5 (19-30)

14 Actions:

النزول الى السوق - التواصل مع السلطة المحلية والتجار-تخطيط لتحفيز     ومساعدة وازدهار هذا السوق-جمع معلومات عن كبار التجار -تكريم التجار-التواصل مع الجمعيات للمشاركة -التواصل مع البلدية لتنظيم السوق -تصوير السوق -صنع ريبورتاج وتقرير عن السوق - تحديد احتياجات السوق-مساعدةمن التجار لإضاءة السوق في الأعياد-تخطيط لكيفية دعم الإقتصادي للسوق -
-احياء  هذا السوق الشعبي-

Measurable Results: المدينة بأكملها فليس هناك عدد محدد



Project #424 -  International School Al Koura: Think Twice

ISProject Description: The youth researched and found a problem our school faces and suggested some solutions. We informed 10 classrooms about the dangers of plastic bottles and asked them to help save them (by placing used cardboard boxes in each classroom) we then separated the caps from the bottles for separate projects. Fliers were hung, presentations were made and action was taken.

Place of Project: Betroumine Al Koura

Youth Participants:  7 (12 and under); 1 (13-18); 1 (19-30)

14 Actions: The 13 actions to plan were done collectively. Research, discussion, and implementation were completed as a team. The sharing of knowledge, communication, and collaboration helped speed up the process.

Measurable Results: A bake sale was organized in the school cantine to make some money for our project expenses.
A questionnaire was completed to measure the level of awareness and education people have on the dangers of plastic water bottles on our school and planet.
A minimum of 150 students is now introduced to our project's aim and long term goal.


Project #425 -  Access-Tripoli for Girls:  Together We Can Bring It Alive Again!

Tripoli Girls PosterProject Description: The project focuses on recycling by making new trash cans out of old tires. Then paint and decorate them so they appeal to others. The trash bins were separated into four parts: paper, glass, organic and plastic and they were placed in different areas in the school. If the project was successful enough to attract other schools, the students have offered to go to other schools, and explain about recycling in order to teach others how to save the environment.

Place of Project: Ghoraba area next to souk, Tripoli

Youth Participants: 20 (13-18); 2 (19-30)

14 Actions: The project taught them to think and work as a group, as one hand to make a change in their community. This wasn't there planted in their personalities at school. They also learned how to plan as renovating the cave needed a lot of money. The fund raise step helped them to plan and be responsible to collect money.

Measurable Results: From a no bathroom, no basin, no doors and no cabinets to a fully equipped cave for the family