Rights & Responsibilities of a Volunteer

It is the right of a volunteer to:

1) Be informed about how your efforts actually contribute to the organization’s objectives.

2) Receive the necessary orientation, training, and supervision by someone who is experienced, well-informed and patient.

3) Have an orderly, designated place to work, whenever possible.

4) Learn how to improve your skills in the work you are doing.

5) Be treated with respect and kindness.

6) Expect that your time will not be wasted by poor planning.

7) Ask questions and give suggestions about the work you are doing.

8) Be trusted with confidential information necessary to do your work.

9) Be appreciated for the work you have done.

10) Be given written proof or evaluation of your work, if you request it.


It is the responsibility of a volunteer to:

1) Only accept responsibilities that you can reasonably handle.

2) Make clear arrangements with the organization about when you will be volunteering so that they can make appropriate preparations.

3) Meet your time commitments or provide adequate notice so other arrangements can be made.

4) Respect the confidences given to you.  

5) Perform the work assigned to the best of your ability.

6) Follow organizational policies and procedures.

7) Accept reasonable tasks without complaining.

8) Be open-minded.

9) Treat others in the organization with respect and kindness.

10) Keep the place where he/she works clean and tidy and to use tools and equipment with care.